The attention of personal training combined with the heart and soul of Pilates!  I offer private Pilates sessions in the comfort of my home in Mahwah, NJ.  I teach Classical workouts on the Reformer - a versatile, tried-and-true piece of Pilates equipment based on a gliding carriage and adjustable spring tension. The Reformer is easy to love, and can offer either assistance or resistance in hundreds of Pilates exercises designed to increase strength, mobility, and movement quality at any fitness level.  In private sessions, I incorporate Pilates mat work with props such as the Triad Ball, Magic Circle, foam roller, Theraband, and Stability ball - depending on the client's needs and goals.

You can expect a strong steadily-paced workout with a focus on alignment, concentration, core strength/integration, and creating space in the spine for optimal movement and biomechanical stability.  One-on-one training is tailored to your fitness level and specific needs - move as slowly as you need to and get all your questions answered.  Private sessions are by far the most effective way to learn and reap the benefits of Pilates. 

Feel great from the inside out - aligned and empowered, strong and graceful - the effects of the workout lasting long after you have left the studio.


(in my home)

$60/ Private Session

$275/ 5-Session card ($55/Session)

Please contact me with any questions or to book a private session.